Our Personalized Itineraries  & Activities Are A Reflection Of You

      Home To World Vacations is a travel agency founded in Tampa Bay, Florida with the purpose of offering magnificent and enriching vacation experiences through customized travel planning services.

The Difference Is In The Details And Customer Service

     We service clients across the country designing customized vacations focused on travel desires and interests; uncovering the most valuable experiences for their budget. We don't just book trips; We take the time to get to know our clients and we care about them.


Meet Deni Steller, Founder of

Home To World Vacations

When I was a kid, growing up in a small city in Brazil, my parents used to take my siblings and I to the local airport on the weekends for fun. Watching the huge airplanes depart and arrive was the coolest thing ever! My mind would often wander away to the vast yet unknown world and I wanted to experience it all!

To this day, airports remind me of my childhood and most importantly, they mean smiles, dreams, excitement, expectation and happiness. That childhood adventure instilled in me a deep passion for travel and an unending desire to experience diverse cultures worldwide.

My love for learning got me a Teaching degree, a Pharmacy Tech License and an Esthetician License. I speak three languages and Soccer is my sport of choice. I love God, Wellness, Learning languages, Yoga, Experiencing different cultures, Minimalism, Theme Parks and of course, Traveling. I attend an awesome church in the Tampa Bay area.

Some places I have visited include: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, Argentina, Jamaica, Thailand, Scotland, Spain, England and Canada. I also love traveling inside the United States .

I enjoy inspiring people to travel more often posting photos of my own travel experiences on social media.

My Vision

I started Home To World Vacations with a sincere desire to help make dream vacations come true with a more distinctive and personalized approach.

Each individual has unique travel interests and styles and I love creating itineraries to match these personalities. It's my creative haven.


Planning a trip can be stressful, time consuming and confusing, but that changes when partnering with me.​ With my assistance, you don’t need to give up control of your vacation decisions. It's Your Trip, Your Way! I take care of all the details and logistics for you, while sharing all the knowledge that I have acquired on my trainings and own travel experiences.​ I am committed to your stress free vacation!​

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