According to the Wellness Tourism Association, Wellness Travel "allows the traveler to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing."

          Travelers interested in this sector of the travel industry often seek ways to improve their lives and the mind-body-soul connection.  Activities that might be part of such trips include: yoga, meditation, weight loss, spa treatments and therapies, healthy eating, fitness, stress reduction activities, nature excursions, etc. Wellness travelers encompass solo or likeminded groups.

Looking for a Wellness Destination? Contact me with your request here.

          Wellness Retreats are becoming very prevalent and for many an essential break from their busy schedule for quality personal time. These retreats are usually guided multi day programs hosted by one or several wellness professionals such as, yoga/meditation teachers, estheticians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, Zumba instructors, etc.

          Whether you are into wellness or are thinking of adding wellness to your life, Home to World Vacations can help connect you to a vacation where the above-mentioned activities are practiced. If you are a Wellness Professional and have interest in hosting a retreat or group, contact me for more information.


Personal Archive: Deni practicing Yoga at Clearwater Beach – Florida

Deni Steller is a huge Wellness advocate. Besides her Travel business, she is also a licensed Esthetician and an avid Yoga practitioner. After some health challenges, she found balance and healing in healthy eating, yoga and meditation. She also achieved improved results for her back problems after incorporating yoga to her daily schedule.

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